Jessica He

Outline and Links

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-introduction of topic


-causes of Hangzhou's traffic congestions :

 1.maintainance  of road for preparation of G20 conference

 2.the identity as a travel city with a lot of tourist attractions

 3.Overdevelopment in areas where the mass transit system is already


-solutions to relieve the situations:

 1.finish all those road work efficiently, and next time try to arrange them on different time period up more parking areas around tourist attractions, especially around West Lake, so there won't be so many cars lingering around to search for parking areas

 3.careful urban planning and design, like develop new city center






Thesis and Sources for my topic

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The main causes of Hangzhou's traffic congestion  massive road work on main roads, overdevelopment of city centers and inefficient car parks around tourist attractions. Thus we should design solutions according to these reasons to combat traffic congestions.



causes of congestions:


Introduction to my essay's topic

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My topic is 'The traffic congestion in Hangzhou'. My recent experience on road in Hangzhou inspires me to come up with such a topic. On weekends, I tend to visit city centre and do some shopping. However the traffic condition is always awful on those main roads especially during peak hours, such as the evening on Friday and Saturday. This is very annoying, since I have to spend at least half an hour on road to get to city centre not to mention the time for searching parking area. So I choose to take public transportation like buses. Yet It seems that buses can not get any faster on those packed roads. Thus, It want to do some research on Hangzhou's traffic congestion, and try to work out some solutions for current situation. 

How high school student think about their high school life?

I did some research by asking this question to my high school classmates, most of them gave me negative opinion towards high school life. There were complains mainly about two aspects. Having to much academic pressure and having to little freedom.

It is quite understandable that high school students are under too much pressure from getting into a decent university. School life tends to be tedious and repetitive with endless practice and test.

Also, high school students are usually banned from electronic devices such as mobile phone or computers to avoid being distracted and sometimes that can be quite inconvenient and disappointing, since everyone has different hobbies and computers can help them easily get connected to new information of specific field. For instance, students like music can search for some popular songs and singers from Internet. So, without electronic devices, students’ life is much less colorful and they sometimes feel isolated from the world outside of the school wall.

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